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2012-02-05dh: Fix build with DEBUG_CRYPTO.Andreas Schneider2-6/+10
2012-02-04pki: Add ecdsa support for signature verification.Andreas Schneider1-8/+24
2012-02-04crypto: Add evp hashing function.Andreas Schneider1-0/+28
2012-02-04pki: Fix openssl ecdsa signature from blob.Andreas Schneider1-34/+62
2012-02-04pki: Fix ssh_pki_log function.Andreas Schneider1-1/+1
2012-02-04pki: Make a strcmp better readable.Andreas Schneider1-1/+1
2012-02-04kex: Add support for ecdsa hostkeys.Andreas Schneider1-2/+4
2012-02-04kex: Add a define for the kex method size.Andreas Schneider1-16/+19
2012-02-04pki: Don't free a const key!Andreas Schneider1-1/+0
2012-02-04sftp: Fix memory leak in sftp_free() on server.Andreas Schneider1-0/+3
2012-02-04ecdh: Fix a memory leak in ecdh_build_k().Andreas Schneider1-5/+9
2012-02-04ecdh: Fix a memory leak in ssh_server_ecdh_init().Andreas Schneider1-0/+1
2012-02-04pki: Update copyright.Andreas Schneider2-2/+2
2012-02-04pki: Add ecdsa gcrypt stubs.Andreas Schneider1-0/+20
2012-02-04cmake: Update GCrypt module.Andreas Schneider1-1/+1
2012-02-04pki: Fix build if you don't have ECC support.Andreas Schneider2-8/+4
2012-02-04pki: Add ecdsa support to do_sign_sessionid.Andreas Schneider1-0/+8
2012-02-04pki: Add ecdsa support to do_sign.Andreas Schneider1-0/+14
2012-02-04pki: Add ecdsa support for signature_verify.Andreas Schneider1-0/+14
2012-02-04pki: Add ecdsa support for signature_from_blob.Andreas Schneider1-0/+50
2012-02-04pki: Add ecdsa support for signature_to_blob.Andreas Schneider1-0/+29
2012-02-04pki: Add support to generate ecdsa keys.Andreas Schneider2-4/+47
2012-02-04pki: Fix ecdsa key dup.Andreas Schneider1-0/+2
2012-02-04pki: Add support to import ecdsa pubkeys.Andreas Schneider2-1/+90
2012-02-04pki: Add support for export ecdsa pubkeys.Andreas Schneider1-0/+116
2012-02-04pki: Add support to import ecdsa private keys.Andreas Schneider2-0/+56
2012-02-04pki: Add ECDSA for key compare.Andreas Schneider1-0/+29
2012-02-04pki: Fix typo in error message.Andreas Schneider1-1/+1
2012-01-05Ignore and debug messages can be sent using public APIMartin Drasar1-0/+90
2012-01-03Fix logic erorr with brace-less conditional statementLee Hambley1-1/+2
2012-01-02patch pki_gcrypt.c to be compilable without CMakerofl0r1-0/+4
2012-01-02commit a7e14524c4f7903f607cdcd02b83782e89f0a82crofl0r1-0/+11
2012-01-02session: Cleanup timeout functions.rofl0r2-22/+39
2012-01-02message: Fix compiler warning.Andreas Schneider1-1/+1
2012-01-01auth: Fix public key authentication so we can continue.Andreas Schneider1-1/+3
2012-01-01auth: Fix a possible double free.Andreas Schneider1-0/+2
2012-01-01message: Handle all unknown global messages.rofl0r1-1/+4
2011-12-14options: Fix typo in ssh_options_get() docs.Andreas Schneider1-1/+1
2011-11-16agent: Improve logging.Andreas Schneider1-12/+11
2011-11-10kex: Fix some build warnings.Andreas Schneider2-3/+2
2011-11-09bind: Add more error messages.Andreas Schneider1-1/+9
2011-11-09packet: Use a define for the macsize.Andreas Schneider1-5/+4
2011-11-03options: Add missing argument check.Andreas Schneider1-0/+7
2011-11-03Improve ssh_options_get(ssh_session, enum ssh_options_e, char**).Lee Hambley1-31/+16
2011-10-29pki: Add a ssh_key_cmp() function.Andreas Schneider3-0/+191
2011-10-29dh: Add ssh_get_publickey().Andreas Schneider2-6/+31
2011-10-28Implement ssh_options_get_port(ssh_session, unsigned int*).Lee Hambley1-0/+26
2011-10-28Implement ssh_options_get(ssh_session, enum ssh_options_e, char**).Lee Hambley1-0/+86
2011-10-17bind: Fix ssh_bind_listen in normal case.Andreas Schneider1-5/+6
2011-10-13server: use app-provided bind socket when availableAris Adamantiadis1-17/+19