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+@page libssh_linking The Linking HowTo
+@section dynamic Dynamic Linking
+On UNIX and Windows systems its the same, you need at least the libssh.h
+header file and the libssh shared library.
+@section static Static Linking
+@warning The libssh library is licensed under the LGPL! Make sure you
+understand what this means to your codebase if you want to distribute
+binaries and link statically against LGPL code!
+On UNIX systems linking against the static version of the library is the
+same as linking against the shared library. Both have the same name. Some
+build system require to use the full path to the static library.
+On Windows you need to define LIBSSH_STATIC in the compiler command line
+This is required cause the dynamic library needs to specify the dllimport
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This is the online reference for developing with the libssh library. It
documents the libssh C API and the C++ wrapper.
+@section main-linking Linking
+We created a small howto how to link libssh against your application, read
+@subpage libssh_linking.
@section main-tutorial Tutorial
You should start by reading @subpage libssh_tutorial, then reading the documentation of