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@@ -38,6 +38,23 @@ The libssh library provides:
- Full poll()/WSAPoll() support and a poll-emulation for Win32.
- Runs and tested under x86_64, x86, ARM, Sparc32, PPC under Linux, BSD, MacOSX, Solaris and Windows
+@section main-copyright Copyright Policy
+The developers of libssh have a policy of asking for contributions to be made
+under the personal copyright of the contributor, instead of a corporate
+There are some reasons for the establishment of this policy:
+ @li Individual copyrights make copyright registration in the US a simpler
+ process.
+ @li If libssh is copyrighted by individuals rather than corporations,
+ decisions regarding enforcement and protection of copyright will, more
+ likely, be made in the interests of the project, and not in the interests
+ of any corporation’s shareholders.
+ @li If we ever need to relicense a portion of the code contacting individuals
+ for permission to do so is much easier than contacting a company.
@section main-rfc Internet standard
@subsection main-rfc-secsh Secure Shell (SSH)