AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2016-02-02tests: Fix running ssh-agentmaster-cwrapAndreas Schneider3-5/+32
2016-02-02torture: Set sshd debug level to DEBUG3Andreas Schneider1-1/+1
2016-02-02tests: Switch to user bob in setupAndreas Schneider3-0/+34
2016-02-02tests: Always start tests as root so we can switch to a userAndreas Schneider2-3/+1
2016-02-02tests: Use different uids and gids for testingAndreas Schneider2-3/+3
2016-01-21torture: Also write stderr to a fileAndreas Schneider1-2/+2
2016-01-21torture: Add additional sftp-server path for BSDAndreas Schneider1-2/+6
2016-01-21torture: Give sshd more time to startAndreas Schneider1-1/+1
2016-01-19buffer: expose ssh_buffer_get()Fabiano Fidêncio3-5/+1
2016-01-19buffer: expose ssh_buffer_{add,get}_data()Fabiano Fidêncio3-6/+2
2016-01-19buffer: expose ssh_buffer_reinit()Fabiano Fidêncio3-3/+1
2016-01-19libssh.h: move LIBSSH_API buffer' functions to libssh.hFabiano Fidêncio2-4/+4
2016-01-19buffer: remove ssh_buffer_get_begin()Fabiano Fidêncio2-18/+0
2016-01-19buffer: use ssh_buffer_get() instead of ssh_buffer_get_begin()Fabiano Fidêncio9-27/+27
2016-01-19buffer: remove ssh_buffer_get_rest_len()Fabiano Fidêncio2-19/+3
2016-01-19buffer: do not use ssh_buffer_get_rest_len()Fabiano Fidêncio19-94/+94
2016-01-19pki_gcrypt: adapt to the new behavior of ssh_buffer_get_len()Fabiano Fidêncio1-2/+2
2016-01-19buffer: make ssh_buffer_get_len() call ssh_buffer_get_rest_len()Fabiano Fidêncio1-1/+1
2016-01-19buffer: rename ssh_buffer_get_rest() to ssh_buffer_get()Fabiano Fidêncio19-53/+52
2016-01-19buffer: cosmetic change in ssh_buffer_get_u8() documentationFabiano Fidêncio1-1/+1
2016-01-19buffer: fix documentation for ssh_buffer_get_u32()Fabiano Fidêncio1-6/+10
2016-01-19tests: Fix warning about expected format for printfFabiano Fidêncio1-2/+2
2016-01-19pki_gcrypt: Fix warning about not handled values in switchFabiano Fidêncio1-0/+2
2016-01-19cleanup: use ssh_ prefix in the packet (non-static) functionsFabiano Fidêncio18-86/+86
2016-01-19cleanup: use ssh_ prefix in the gcrypt missing functionsFabiano Fidêncio2-6/+6
2016-01-19cleanup: use ssh_ prefix in the kex (non-static) functionsFabiano Fidêncio5-10/+10
2016-01-19cleanup: use ssh_ prefix in the dh (non-static) functionsFabiano Fidêncio7-50/+50
2016-01-19cleanup: use ssh_ prefix in the channels (non-static) functionsFabiano Fidêncio3-18/+18
2016-01-19cleanup: use ssh_ prefix in the buffer (non-static) functionsFabiano Fidêncio30-494/+494
2016-01-19cleanup: use ssh_ prefix in the blf (non-static) functionsFabiano Fidêncio3-36/+36
2016-01-19cleanup: use ssh_ prefix in the bignum (non-static) functionsFabiano Fidêncio6-34/+34
2016-01-19cleanup: use ssh_ prefix in the agent (non-static) functionsFabiano Fidêncio5-14/+14
2016-01-19auth: Remove references to ssh_userauth_pubkey in documentationYounes Serraj1-7/+6
2016-01-19tests: Initialize output and iv in torture_cryptoAndreas Schneider1-3/+4
2016-01-19pki: Make sure checkint1 and checkint2 are not used uninitializedAndreas Schneider1-1/+1
2016-01-19buffer: Make sure we do not use u32len uninitializedAndreas Schneider1-2/+4
2016-01-19valgrind: Add suppression for glibc dlopen issueAndreas Schneider1-0/+8
2016-01-19torture: Fix a memory leakAndreas Schneider1-0/+1
2016-01-18torture: Add missing include for AF_INETAndreas Schneider1-0/+1
2016-01-18tests: Require pam_wrapper 1.0.1Andreas Schneider1-1/+1
2016-01-18tests: Wait for sshd to start before connectingAndreas Schneider1-0/+3
2016-01-14tests: Turn on kbdint tests in torture_authAndreas Schneider1-4/+0
2016-01-14tests: Turn on PAM support in sshd with pam_wrapperAndreas Schneider4-1/+17
2016-01-14torture: Improve process termination functionAndreas Schneider1-5/+16
2016-01-14tests: Support other openssh versions ...Andreas Schneider3-8/+27
2016-01-14tests: Rename torture_sftp_static to torture_sftp_extAndreas Schneider2-4/+1
2016-01-14tests: Migrate torture_sftp_read to a cwrap testAndreas Schneider2-29/+44
2016-01-14tests: Migrate torture_sftp_dir to cwrap testAndreas Schneider2-29/+52
2016-01-14torture: Add sftp session pointer to torture_stateAndreas Schneider1-0/+1
2016-01-14tests: Migrate torture_request_env to cwrap testAndreas Schneider2-29/+40