AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2010-03-17Build examples only on the Linux plattform.Andreas Schneider1-2/+2
2010-03-15Require check if testing is enabled.Andreas Schneider1-3/+3
2010-03-15Added options for memcheck and coverage.Andreas Schneider1-3/+10
2010-03-13Added a ctest script for nightly builds.Andreas Schneider1-0/+39
2010-03-13Added a valgrind suppression file to ignore check errors.Andreas Schneider2-1/+25
2010-03-13Fixed a memory leak in the torture_get_user_home_dir test.Andreas Schneider1-1/+2
2010-03-13Fixed the torture_pubkey_generate_from_privkey test.Andreas Schneider1-4/+8
2010-03-13Fixed a memory leak in keyfile torture test.Andreas Schneider1-0/+1
2010-03-13Added a CTestConfig file to be able to submit to the dashboard.Andreas Schneider1-0/+12
2010-03-13Fixed a memory leak in ssh_try_publickey_from_file.Andreas Schneider1-0/+4
2010-03-13Added tests for ssh options.Andreas Schneider2-0/+159
2010-03-13Added missing SSH_OPTIONS_FD option.Andreas Schneider1-0/+9
2010-03-12Remove support for SSHv1 Cipher variable.Andreas Schneider1-2/+0
2010-03-06Added some tests for ssh_list.Andreas Schneider2-0/+112
2010-03-04Added a test for keyfiles.c.Andreas Schneider2-0/+169
2010-03-04Fixed and added support for several identity files.Andreas Schneider8-183/+390
2010-03-04Fixed linking of the tests.Andreas Schneider2-2/+7
2010-03-04Rename ssh_list_add to ssh_list_append.Andreas Schneider4-4/+4
2010-03-04Added a prepend function for ssh_list.Andreas Schneider2-0/+20
2010-03-02Fixed unit testing.Andreas Schneider3-1/+7
2010-03-02Simplify the build option output.Andreas Schneider1-41/+12
2010-03-02Fixed sftp_parse_longname() on Windows.Andreas Schneider1-2/+12
2010-03-02Added unit testing support using check.Andreas Schneider11-2/+317
2010-03-01Fix a race condition bug in ssh_scp_close()Aris Adamantiadis1-1/+11
2010-03-01Answer to openssh's keepalivesAris Adamantiadis1-0/+9
2010-03-01renamed ssh_list_get_head to ssh_list_pop_headAris Adamantiadis5-13/+16
2010-02-26Fixed documentation in scp codeAris Adamantiadis1-1/+19
2010-02-24Added printout of owner and group in the sftp example.Andreas Schneider1-1/+3
2010-02-24Fixed longname parsing, this only workings with readdir.Andreas Schneider1-12/+13
2010-02-23Added owner and group information in sftp attributes.Andreas Schneider2-4/+56
2010-02-13Set CFLAGS correctly.Andreas Schneider1-7/+7
2010-02-12Small doc fixAris Adamantiadis1-0/+4
2010-02-12More C++ workAris Adamantiadis2-9/+63
2010-02-12Fix compilation of opensolarisAris Adamantiadis1-0/+2
2010-02-11Try zlib compression and fallback to none if not available.Andreas Schneider1-2/+2
2010-02-11More C++ wrapper work.Aris Adamantiadis3-16/+149
2010-02-11Fix closesocket() portbug for win32Aris Adamantiadis1-1/+5
2010-02-11Use closesocket in server.c for win32Aris Adamantiadis1-0/+4
2010-02-10Make better error messages for SSH1 errorsAris Adamantiadis1-0/+10
2010-02-09aes192-ctr and aes256-ctr working on libcryptoAris Adamantiadis2-2/+25
2010-02-09aes128-ctr aes192-ctr aes256-ctr for libgcryptAris Adamantiadis2-8/+51
2010-02-09Added aes128-ctr support for libcrypto (openssl)Aris Adamantiadis1-0/+28
2010-02-09KEX bug: client preference should be prioritaryAris Adamantiadis1-15/+15
2010-02-08Added summary of build options in CmakeAris Adamantiadis1-0/+48
2010-02-07Rename the libssh sftp documentation group.Andreas Schneider1-1/+1
2010-02-07Describe the main group a bit.Andreas Schneider1-1/+3
2010-02-07Respect known_hosts file set by the user.Andreas Schneider1-3/+5
2010-02-07Improve the SSH string documentation.Andreas Schneider1-26/+46
2010-02-06Expend macros in doxygen generationAris Adamantiadis1-1/+1
2010-02-05Improve the session documentation.Andreas Schneider2-48/+93