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-Coding Style Conventions
-Coding style guidelines are about reducing the number of unnecessary
-reformatting patches and making things easier for developers to work together.
-You don't have to like them or even agree with them, but once put in place we
-all have to abide by them (or vote to change them). However, coding style
-should never outweigh coding itself and so the guidelines described here are
-hopefully easy enough to follow as they are very common and supported by tools
-and editors.
-The basic style for C code is the Linux kernel coding style [1] with one
-excecption, we use 4 spaces instead of tabs. This closely matches what most
-libssh developers use already anyways, with a few exceptions as mentioned
-To shorthen this here are the highlights:
-* Maximum line width is 80 characters
- The reason is not about people with low-res screens but rather sticking
- to 80 columns prevents you from easily nesting more than one level of
- if statements or other code blocks.
-* Use 4 spaces to indent
-* No trailing whitespaces
-* Follow the K&R guidelines. We won't go through all of them here. Do you
- have a copy of "The C Programming Language" anyways right?
-set ts=4 sw=4 et cindent
-For Vim, the following settings in $HOME/.vimrc will also deal with
-displaying trailing whitespace:
- if has("syntax") && (&t_Co > 2 || has("gui_running"))
- syntax on
- function! ActivateInvisibleCharIndicator()
- syntax match TrailingSpace "[ \t]\+$" display containedin=ALL
- highlight TrailingSpace ctermbg=Red
- endf
- autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead * call ActivateInvisibleCharIndicator()
- endif
- " Show tabs, trailing whitespace, and continued lines visually
- set list listchars=tab:»·,trail:·,extends:…
- " highlight overly long lines same as TODOs.
- set textwidth=80
- autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.c,*.h exec 'match Todo /\%>' . &textwidth . 'v.\+/'
-[1] https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/CodingStyle