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* Add autogen.sh to generate autotools files
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+-server implementation development. I won't document it before it even works.
+-small bug corrected when connecting to sun ssh servers.
+-channel wierdness corrected (writing huge data packets)
+-channel_read_nonblocking added
+-channel bug where stderr wasn't correctly read fixed.
+-sftp_file_set_nonblocking added. It's now possible to have nonblocking SFTP IO
+-connect_status callback.
+-priv.h contains the internal functions, libssh.h the public interface
+-options_set_timeout (thx marcelo) really working.
+-tcp tunneling through channel_open_forward.
+-how could this happen ! there weren't any channel_close !
+-nasty channel_free bug resolved.
+-removed the unsigned long all around the code. use only u8,u32 & u64.
+-it now compiles and runs under amd64 !
+-ported the doc to an HTML file.
+-small bugfix in packet.c
+-prefixed error constants with SSH_
+-sftp_stat, sftp_lstat, sftp_fstat. thanks Michel Bardiaux for the patch.
+-again channel number mismatch fixed.
+-fixed a bug in ssh_select making the select fail when a signal has been caught.
+-keyboard-interactive authentication working.
+5th march 2004 : libssh-0.1
+-Begining of sftp subsystem implementation. It's stable enough to be used :)
+-some cleanup into channels implementation
+-Now every channel functions is called by its CHANNEL handler. no any way to play again with numbers.
+-added channel_poll() and channel_read(). Now, it's possible to manipulate channel streams only with channel_read() and channel_write(),
+with help of channel_poll().
+-changed the client so it uses the new channel_poll and channel_read interface
+-small use-after-free bug with channels resolved, and a noninitialised data of SIGNATURE struct.
+-changed stupidities in lot of function names.
+-removed a debug output file opened by default.
+-Added API.txt, the libssh programmer handbook. (I hate documentation)
+-Various bug fixes from Nick Zitzmann. Thank to him, libssh now runs under macosX !
+-Developed a cryptographic structure for handling protocols. Adding a custom-based cipher should be the story of thirty
+minutes. It now supports aes-256,aes-192,aes-128 and blowfish-128 !
+-An autoconf script which took me half of a day to set up. Respect it!
+-A ssh_select wrapper has been written.
+It all means the API has changed. not a lot but enough to be incompatible with anything which has been written.
+10th october 2003 : libssh-0.0.4
+-some terminal code (eof handling) added
+-channels bugfix (it still needs some tweaking though)
+-zlib support
+-added a wrapper.c file. The goal is to provide a similar API to every cryptographic functions. bignums and sha/md5 are wrapped now.
+-more work than it first looks.
+-Support for other crypto libs planed (lighter libs)
+-Fixed stupid select() bug.
+-libssh now compiles and links with openssl 0.9.6 (but you're advised to upgrade)
+-RSA pubkey authentication code now works !
+15th september 2003 : libssh-0.0.3
+-added install target in makefile
+-some cleanup in headers files and source code
+-change default banner and project name to libssh.
+-new file auth.c to support more and more authentication ways
+-bugfix(read offbyone) in send_kex
+-a base64 parser. don't read the source, it's awful. pure 0xbadc0de.
+-changed the client filename to "ssh". logic isn't it ?
+-dss publickey authentication ! still need to wait for the rsa one
+-bugfix in packet.c : now packet are completely read (and read blocks if waiting the packet)
+-new misc.c contains misc functions
+3rd september 2003: libssh-0.0.2
+ initial release.
+-client supports both ssh and dss hostkey verification, but doesn't compare
+them to openssh's files. (~/.ssh/known_hosts)
+-the only supported authentication method is password.
+-compiles on linux and openbsd. freebsd and netbsd should work, too
+-Lot of work which hasn't been discussed here.