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2019-09-24pki: Remove unused function pki_signature_verify()Anderson Toshiyuki Sasaki6-33/+33
2019-09-24pki_crypto: Use OpenSSL for Ed25519 signaturesAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-10/+63
2019-09-24torture_pki_ed25519: Use public key to verify signaturesAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-3/+7
2019-09-18tests: Verify the localuser match worksJakub Jelen2-5/+26
2019-09-16Skip the proxycommand test in case the netcat is not avaliableJakub Jelen1-1/+9
2019-08-06tests: Skip testing 1024 bits key generation in FIPS modeAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-13/+15
2019-08-06knownhosts: Use ssh_mkdirs() instead of ssh_mkdir()Anderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-0/+42
2019-08-06misc: Introduce internal function ssh_mkdirs()Anderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-0/+93
2019-08-06misc: Introduce internal function ssh_dir_writeable()Anderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-0/+47
2019-07-30misc: Allow %% to escape a single % in paths.Richard W.M. Jones1-0/+13
2019-07-29tests: Try PEM files with leading white spacesAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki3-0/+116
2019-07-29pki: Search OpenSSH header not only at the beginningAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-0/+84
2019-07-09tests: Do not use internal macros in the fuzzerAndreas Schneider1-6/+7
2019-07-08tests: Use the correct assert function in test serverAndreas Schneider1-2/+2
2019-07-08tests: Fix #ifdef in torture_server_configAndreas Schneider1-5/+2
2019-07-08tests: Add ssh_client_fuzzerAndreas Schneider2-0/+168
2019-07-08ctest: Run the ssh_server_fuzzer to check it worksAndreas Schneider1-0/+3
2019-07-08tests: Fix memory leak in ssh_server_fuzzerAndreas Schneider1-0/+2
2019-07-08cmake: We don't have to define the ssh link librariesAndreas Schneider2-4/+2
2019-07-04tests: Use C99 initilizer in test_server.cAndreas Schneider1-1/+3
2019-07-04tests: Improve fuzzer testAndreas Schneider1-20/+116
2019-07-04cmake: Fix building the ssh_server_fuzzerAndreas Schneider1-0/+4
2019-07-04kex: Do not ignore keys in known_hosts filesAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-7/+141
2019-07-04knownhosts: Introduced ssh_known_hosts_get_algorithms_names()Anderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-0/+28
2019-07-04token: Added function to remove duplicatesAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-0/+122
2019-07-04tests: Check if known_hosts works with single unaccessible fileAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-8/+11
2019-06-28tests: Added a check for unaccessible global known_hostsAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-0/+9
2019-06-26tests/pkd: Fix elif without expressionAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-1/+1
2019-06-26tests: Add a server test case for unknown global requestAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-0/+47
2019-06-26tests: Introduce torture_client_global_requestsAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki2-1/+154
2019-06-21tests: Skip 1k RSA key generation in FIPSJakub Jelen1-15/+17
2019-06-20tests: Filter out bogus output from openssh in FIPS ModeJakub Jelen1-2/+2
2019-06-19tests: Add reproducer for T76Jakub Jelen3-0/+115
2019-06-19tests: Reproducer for proxy command with stderr output (T130)Jakub Jelen1-0/+25
2019-06-14tests/torture_config: Replace long long with uint64_tAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-1/+1
2019-06-14tests/torture_rekey: Replace long long with uint64_tAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-2/+2
2019-06-14tests/torture_rekey: Do not mix integer typesAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-1/+1
2019-06-14tests: Add more reproducers for valid and invalid Match exec blocksJakub Jelen1-0/+34
2019-06-13tests: Fix the glob test on musl libcAndreas Schneider1-4/+4
2019-06-13tests/pkd: Fix OpenSSH version checkAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-5/+9
2019-06-13tests/pkd: Check OpenSSH version only onceAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-1/+5
2019-06-13tests/torture_server_config: Use only allowed algorithmsAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-58/+63
2019-06-13tests/pkd: Add tests using certificates with SHA2 in signaturesAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki3-1/+17
2019-06-13tests/pkd: Accept certificates with SHA2 in signaturesAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-1/+1
2019-06-13tests/pkd: Use only allowed algorithms if in FIPS modeAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki3-185/+218
2019-06-13tests/torture_pki_rsa: Avoid using SHA1 in FIPS modeAnderson Toshiyuki Sasaki1-12/+16
2019-06-13tests: Update negative test cases to use EC instead of ED keysJakub Jelen2-38/+38
2019-06-13tests: There is no 8B block cipher in FIPS ModeJakub Jelen1-6/+20
2019-06-13tests: Use more widely supported RSA key as a hostkeyJakub Jelen1-10/+10
2019-06-13tests: Avoid mixing stderr with stdoutJakub Jelen1-2/+2