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2008-06-16displaced the data_to_* into socketAris Adamantiadis1-8/+6
2008-06-16Big changes :Aris Adamantiadis2-16/+39
2008-06-12big changes :Aris Adamantiadis2-5/+38
2008-06-11sftp asynchronous readAris Adamantiadis1-0/+1
2008-05-22libssh.h now can be included from visual studioAris Adamantiadis1-1/+11
2008-05-22some changes so it compiles better under windowsAris Adamantiadis1-0/+999
2008-05-12Resolved the string_free issue by coding it. I also made some Aris Adamantiadis1-0/+1
2008-03-12fixed wrong prototypes for socket_tAris Adamantiadis2-3/+3
2008-03-08config.h bug resolvedAris Adamantiadis1-1/+1
2008-03-07changed version number to 0.2.1-svnAris Adamantiadis1-1/+1
2008-03-07second part of win32 changesAris Adamantiadis1-4/+5
2008-03-07first part of win32 patchesAris Adamantiadis1-1/+13
2008-03-04fixed a load of ssh_set_error(NULL,...)Aris Adamantiadis1-4/+4
2008-03-04fixed null pointer into options and ssh_set_error()Aris Adamantiadis1-8/+8
2008-03-04added the socket class and created wrappersAris Adamantiadis1-2/+17
2008-03-03fixed the #0000003 bugAris Adamantiadis1-1/+1
2008-03-03Rodolphe Rocca fixesAris Adamantiadis1-1/+2
2008-03-03fix bug #0000002 : in_socket_buffer and out_socket_buffer memleak +Aris Adamantiadis1-1/+1
2007-07-31* include/libssh/Makefile.am: using top_builddir instead of top_srcdirLaurent Bigonville1-1/+1
2007-07-31move config.h installation to include/libssh/MakefileLaurent Bigonville1-0/+6
2007-07-31Better automake filesLaurent Bigonville2-2/+1
2007-07-27* Add autogen.sh to generate autotools filesLaurent Bigonville2-0/+3
2007-02-07include/libssh/server.h: Remove struct definitionsJean-Philippe Garcia Ballester2-55/+57
2006-12-26trunk to 0.2Aris Adamantiadis1-1/+1
2006-12-15-rc releaseAris Adamantiadis1-1/+1
2006-11-06doxygen documentation for option moduleAris Adamantiadis1-0/+3
2006-11-06at least I get a working doxygen documentation.Aris Adamantiadis2-1/+4
2005-11-30nonblocking support in dh_handshake() from client.cAris Adamantiadis1-1/+3
2005-11-25Added support for known_hosts format version 1Jean-Philippe Garcia Ballester1-0/+10
2005-11-22added bases for nonblocking packet sending and receiving. packet_send Aris Adamantiadis2-1/+13
2005-10-26resolved the infinite loop on exit (thanks giga for the hint).Aris Adamantiadis1-0/+5
2005-10-26patches from Norbert merged in. I have made some little changes here and there.Aris Adamantiadis1-3/+2
2005-10-25added Jean-Philippe's patch for libtools. it doesn't compile on my computer.Aris Adamantiadis1-0/+2
2005-10-25channel_select(). this function rocks !Aris Adamantiadis1-0/+7
2005-10-04added the gcrypt patch (without gcrypt as default library).Aris Adamantiadis3-37/+94
2005-08-29write supportAris Adamantiadis1-0/+1
2005-08-29pam samples files to put into /etc/pam.dAris Adamantiadis2-1/+2
2005-08-28more ACL on directories. Not already enabled.Aris Adamantiadis1-1/+1
2005-08-26file opening/reading works :).Aris Adamantiadis1-1/+2
2005-08-26sftp server implementation :)Aris Adamantiadis1-1/+60
2005-08-25fixed server segfaults on exit (double frees)Aris Adamantiadis1-0/+7
2005-08-19stdint.patch, debug_output.patch, ssh_12_select.patch,Aris Adamantiadis1-5/+8
2005-08-18More work on the server side and sftp.Aris Adamantiadis1-1/+2
2005-08-10The kex works, the client authentifies (with password) then it's possible to ...Aris Adamantiadis3-1/+82
2005-08-07server kex done :)Aris Adamantiadis4-10/+48
2005-07-06sample sshd server accepts a client and sends a banner.Aris Adamantiadis1-0/+3
2005-07-05Beginning of the SSH_BIND implementationAris Adamantiadis3-14/+41
2005-07-05first importAris Adamantiadis8-0/+1133