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2005-10-26patches from Norbert merged in. I have made some little changes here and there.Aris Adamantiadis10-101/+328
2005-10-25added Jean-Philippe's patch for libtools. it doesn't compile on my computer.Aris Adamantiadis15-397/+30404
2005-10-25channel_select(). this function rocks !Aris Adamantiadis5-32/+218
2005-10-04added the gcrypt patch (without gcrypt as default library).Aris Adamantiadis29-188/+1339
2005-09-20ssh-1 small modulus server keys patchAris Adamantiadis5-8/+105
2005-08-312 macosx patchesAris Adamantiadis2-1/+2
2005-08-31fixed bug in sample that made the client running in infinite loop.Aris Adamantiadis3-3/+10
2005-08-31pam include path patch.Aris Adamantiadis4-15/+29
2005-08-31PATH_MAX patchAris Adamantiadis1-0/+2
2005-08-31cfmakeraw patch for configure.inAris Adamantiadis4-3/+6
2005-08-31server goes into backgroupAris Adamantiadis3-19/+75
2005-08-29write supportAris Adamantiadis3-1/+40
2005-08-29Readme of courseAris Adamantiadis1-0/+56
2005-08-29changed config file name, take rsa,dsa and port into accountAris Adamantiadis7-14/+39
2005-08-29some compilation fixAris Adamantiadis1-5/+9
2005-08-29removed obsolete debugging info, split main.c in 3, and now mercurius links w...Aris Adamantiadis8-549/+620
2005-08-29the server now does the chroot and change uid.Aris Adamantiadis4-5/+136
2005-08-29now the libconfig will be staticaly linked and will be autoconfigurated durin...Aris Adamantiadis3-14/+20
2005-08-29pam samples files to put into /etc/pam.dAris Adamantiadis8-5/+49
2005-08-28more ACL on directories. Not already enabled.Aris Adamantiadis8-27/+189
2005-08-28youhou it works :)Aris Adamantiadis4-2/+121
2005-08-28the whole libconfig + my development tree for ACL/ configAris Adamantiadis67-14/+28427
2005-08-26file opening/reading works :).Aris Adamantiadis4-9/+208
2005-08-26compile the sftp_server by defaultAris Adamantiadis1-1/+1
2005-08-26I've forgot about sftp_server/ :)Aris Adamantiadis3-0/+407
2005-08-26sftp server implementation :)Aris Adamantiadis4-6/+310
2005-08-25fixed server segfaults on exit (double frees)Aris Adamantiadis5-10/+52
2005-08-20some debugging things in ssh1 key exchangeAris Adamantiadis1-2/+2
2005-08-20yet other patches from NorbertAris Adamantiadis2-2/+2
2005-08-19stdint.patch, debug_output.patch, ssh_12_select.patch,Aris Adamantiadis7-50/+183
2005-08-18oops, forgot to patch the Makefile.in for the ssh1 files. configure.in patch ...Aris Adamantiadis4-1/+35
2005-08-18ssh-1 experimental supportAris Adamantiadis2-0/+427
2005-08-18More work on the server side and sftp.Aris Adamantiadis11-20/+43
2005-08-13some adds, now it's possible to test it correctly.Aris Adamantiadis2-3/+30
2005-08-10The kex works, the client authentifies (with password) then it's possible to ...Aris Adamantiadis11-26/+576
2005-08-07server kex done :)Aris Adamantiadis19-158/+601
2005-07-08ssh_accept() implementation begining in server.cAris Adamantiadis2-0/+2
2005-07-06sample sshd server accepts a client and sends a banner.Aris Adamantiadis5-44/+59
2005-07-05Beginning of the SSH_BIND implementationAris Adamantiadis6-48/+130
2005-07-05git-svn-id: svn+ssh://svn.berlios.de/svnroot/repos/libssh/trunk@2 7dcaeef0-15...Aris Adamantiadis8-605/+0
2005-07-05first importAris Adamantiadis78-0/+41120