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B. Description of objects and functions
+Initialization and finalization
+Initialization is for now called automatically, so you don't have to take care
+of that.
+As for finalization, we need to finalize the underlying cryptographic library
+(either OpenSSL or libgcrypt). Be sure that you call ssh_finalize when this
+library won't be used anymore, even by other libraries (i.e. if you use libssh
+and another library that uses OpenSSL, call ssh_finalize when any function of
+both these libraries won't be called).
+If you trust your operating system to clean up the mess after a process
+terminates, you can skip this call.
Options structure
@@ -351,6 +364,8 @@ channel functions will run.
C. Change log of this document
+3. Add paragraph about initalization and finalization.
2. ssh_options_set_username finaly is kept into the options, because it can be
set by ssh_options_getopt()