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authorAris Adamantiadis <aris@0xbadc0de.be>2005-10-04 22:11:19 +0000
committerAris Adamantiadis <aris@0xbadc0de.be>2005-10-04 22:11:19 +0000
commit5f7c84f900b81e3bbff55378f8170ddf150daf9c (patch)
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parentc0525750fd090bca0f1ab1884cc26ecd227addb7 (diff)
added the gcrypt patch (without gcrypt as default library).
still needs tests. git-svn-id: svn+ssh://svn.berlios.de/svnroot/repos/libssh/trunk@38 7dcaeef0-15fb-0310-b436-a5af3365683c
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3 files changed, 94 insertions, 37 deletions
diff --git a/include/libssh/crypto.h b/include/libssh/crypto.h
index 3b8426cc..0714f3d4 100644
--- a/include/libssh/crypto.h
+++ b/include/libssh/crypto.h
@@ -33,15 +33,30 @@ MA 02111-1307, USA. */
#ifdef des_set_key
#undef des_set_key
+#ifdef GCRYPT
+#include <gcrypt.h>
struct crypto_struct {
char *name; /* ssh name of the algorithm */
unsigned int blocksize; /* blocksize of the algo */
unsigned int keylen; /* length of the key structure */
+ gcry_cipher_hd_t *key;
+#elif defined HAVE_LIBCRYPTO
void *key; /* a key buffer allocated for the algo */
unsigned int keysize; /* bytes of key used. != keylen */
+ void (*set_encrypt_key)(struct crypto_struct *cipher, void *key, void *IV); /* sets the new key for immediate use */
+ void (*set_decrypt_key)(struct crypto_struct *cipher, void *key, void *IV);
+ void (*cbc_encrypt)(struct crypto_struct *cipher, void *in, void *out,unsigned long len);
+ void (*cbc_decrypt)(struct crypto_struct *cipher, void *in, void *out,unsigned long len);
+#elif defined HAVE_LIBCRYPTO
void (*set_encrypt_key)(struct crypto_struct *cipher, void *key); /* sets the new key for immediate use */
void (*set_decrypt_key)(struct crypto_struct *cipher, void *key);
void (*cbc_encrypt)(struct crypto_struct *cipher, void *in, void *out,unsigned long len,void *IV);
void (*cbc_decrypt)(struct crypto_struct *cipher, void *in, void *out,unsigned long len,void *IV);
diff --git a/include/libssh/libssh.h b/include/libssh/libssh.h
index ac843e0d..f49b3f5c 100644
--- a/include/libssh/libssh.h
+++ b/include/libssh/libssh.h
@@ -20,13 +20,12 @@ MA 02111-1307, USA. */
#ifndef _LIBSSH_H
#define _LIBSSH_H
-#include <libssh/config.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <sys/select.h> /* for fd_set * */
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#define LIBSSH_VERSION "libssh-0.2-dev"
#ifdef __cplusplus
@@ -126,7 +125,7 @@ const char *ssh_copyright();
STRING *string_from_char(char *what);
/* it returns the string len in host byte orders. str->size is big endian warning ! */
int string_len(STRING *str);
-STRING *string_new(u32 size);
+STRING *string_new(unsigned int size);
/* string_fill copies the data in the string. it does NOT check for boundary so allocate enough place with string_new */
void string_fill(STRING *str,void *data,int len);
/* returns a newly allocated char array with the str string and a final nul caracter */
@@ -144,11 +143,11 @@ void ssh_print_hexa(char *descr,unsigned char *what, int len);
int ssh_get_random(void *where,int len,int strong);
/* this one can be called by the client to see the hash of the public key before accepting it */
-int ssh_get_pubkey_hash(SSH_SESSION *session,char hash[MD5_DIGEST_LEN]);
+int ssh_get_pubkey_hash(SSH_SESSION *session,unsigned char hash[MD5_DIGEST_LEN]);
STRING *ssh_get_pubkey(SSH_SESSION *session);
/* in connect.c */
-int ssh_fd_poll(SSH_SESSION *session);
+int ssh_fd_poll(SSH_SESSION *session,int *write, int *except);
int ssh_select(CHANNEL **channels,CHANNEL **outchannels, int maxfd, fd_set *readfds, struct timeval *timeout);
void publickey_free(PUBLIC_KEY *key);
diff --git a/include/libssh/priv.h b/include/libssh/priv.h
index c6a4b48d..aab8c300 100644
--- a/include/libssh/priv.h
+++ b/include/libssh/priv.h
@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@ MA 02111-1307, USA. */
#ifndef _LIBSSH_PRIV_H
#define _LIBSSH_PRIV_H
+#include "config.h"
#include "libssh/libssh.h"
/* Debugging constants */
@@ -45,25 +46,51 @@ MA 02111-1307, USA. */
#define TYPE_RSA1 3
/* profiling constants. Don't touch them unless you know what you do */
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
/* wrapper things */
+#include <gcrypt.h>
+typedef gcry_md_hd_t SHACTX;
+typedef gcry_md_hd_t MD5CTX;
+typedef gcry_md_hd_t HMACCTX;
+#ifdef MD5_DIGEST_LEN
+ #undef MD5_DIGEST_LEN
+#define SHA_DIGEST_LEN 20
+#define MD5_DIGEST_LEN 16
+#define EVP_MAX_MD_SIZE 36
+typedef gcry_mpi_t bignum;
+#define bignum_new() gcry_mpi_new(0)
+#define bignum_free(num) gcry_mpi_release(num)
+#define bignum_set_word(bn,n) gcry_mpi_set_ui(bn,n)
+#define bignum_bin2bn(bn,datalen,data) gcry_mpi_scan(data,GCRYMPI_FMT_USG,bn,datalen,NULL)
+#define bignum_bn2hex(num,data) gcry_mpi_aprint(GCRYMPI_FMT_HEX,data,NULL,num)
+#define bignum_hex2bn(num,datalen,data) gcry_mpi_scan(num,GCRYMPI_FMT_HEX,data,datalen,NULL)
+#define bignum_rand(num,bits) gcry_mpi_randomize(num,bits,GCRY_STRONG_RANDOM),gcry_mpi_set_bit(num,bits-1),gcry_mpi_set_bit(num,0)
+#define bignum_mod_exp(dest,generator,exp,modulo) gcry_mpi_powm(dest,generator,exp,modulo)
+#define bignum_num_bits(num) gcry_mpi_get_nbits(num)
+#define bignum_num_bytes(num) ((gcry_mpi_get_nbits(num)+7)/8)
+#define bignum_is_bit_set(num,bit) gcry_mpi_test_bit(num,bit)
+#define bignum_bn2bin(num,datalen,data) gcry_mpi_print(GCRYMPI_FMT_USG,data,datalen,NULL,num)
+#elif defined HAVE_LIBCRYPTO
#include <openssl/dsa.h>
#include <openssl/rsa.h>
#include <openssl/sha.h>
#include <openssl/md5.h>
#include <openssl/hmac.h>
-typedef SHA_CTX SHACTX;
-typedef MD5_CTX MD5CTX;
+typedef SHA_CTX* SHACTX;
+typedef MD5_CTX* MD5CTX;
@@ -91,29 +118,30 @@ typedef BN_CTX* bignum_CTX;
#define bignum_bn2bin(num,ptr) BN_bn2bin(num,ptr)
#endif /* OPENSSL_BIGNUMS */
#include <sys/time.h>
/* wrapper.c */
-MD5CTX *md5_init(void);
-void md5_update(MD5CTX *c, const void *data, unsigned long len);
-void md5_final(unsigned char *md,MD5CTX *c);
-SHACTX *sha1_init(void);
-void sha1_update(SHACTX *c, const void *data, unsigned long len);
-void sha1_final(unsigned char *md,SHACTX *c);
+MD5CTX md5_init(void);
+void md5_update(MD5CTX c, const void *data, unsigned long len);
+void md5_final(unsigned char *md,MD5CTX c);
+SHACTX sha1_init(void);
+void sha1_update(SHACTX c, const void *data, unsigned long len);
+void sha1_final(unsigned char *md,SHACTX c);
void sha1(unsigned char *digest,int len,unsigned char *hash);
#define HMAC_SHA1 1
#define HMAC_MD5 2
-HMACCTX *hmac_init(const void *key,int len,int type);
-void hmac_update(HMACCTX *c, const void *data, unsigned long len);
-void hmac_final(HMACCTX *ctx,unsigned char *hashmacbuf,int *len);
+HMACCTX hmac_init(const void *key,int len,int type);
+void hmac_update(HMACCTX c, const void *data, unsigned long len);
+void hmac_final(HMACCTX ctx,unsigned char *hashmacbuf,unsigned int *len);
/* strings and buffers */
/* must be 32 bits number + immediatly our data */
struct string_struct {
u32 size;
- char string[MAX_PACKET_LEN];
+ unsigned char string[MAX_PACKET_LEN];
} __attribute__ ((packed));
@@ -132,27 +160,42 @@ typedef struct packet_struct {
typedef struct kex_struct {
- char cookie[16];
+ unsigned char cookie[16];
char **methods;
} KEX;
struct public_key_struct {
int type;
char *type_c; /* Don't free it ! it is static */
+ gcry_sexp_t dsa_pub;
+ gcry_sexp_t rsa_pub;
DSA *dsa_pub;
RSA *rsa_pub;
struct private_key_struct {
int type;
+ gcry_sexp_t dsa_priv;
+ gcry_sexp_t rsa_priv;
+#elif defined HAVE_LIBCRYPTO
DSA *dsa_priv;
RSA *rsa_priv;
typedef struct signature_struct {
int type;
+ gcry_sexp_t dsa_sign;
+ gcry_sexp_t rsa_sign;
+#elif defined HAVE_LIBCRYPTO
DSA_SIG *dsa_sign;
STRING *rsa_sign;
struct ssh_options_struct {
@@ -183,17 +226,17 @@ struct ssh_options_struct {
typedef struct ssh_crypto_struct {
bignum e,f,x,k,y;
- char session_id[SHA_DIGEST_LEN];
+ unsigned char session_id[SHA_DIGEST_LEN];
- char encryptIV[SHA_DIGEST_LEN*2];
- char decryptIV[SHA_DIGEST_LEN*2];
+ unsigned char encryptIV[SHA_DIGEST_LEN*2];
+ unsigned char decryptIV[SHA_DIGEST_LEN*2];
- char decryptkey[SHA_DIGEST_LEN*2];
- char encryptkey[SHA_DIGEST_LEN*2];
+ unsigned char decryptkey[SHA_DIGEST_LEN*2];
+ unsigned char encryptkey[SHA_DIGEST_LEN*2];
- char encryptMAC[SHA_DIGEST_LEN];
- char decryptMAC[SHA_DIGEST_LEN];
- char hmacbuf[EVP_MAX_MD_SIZE];
+ unsigned char encryptMAC[SHA_DIGEST_LEN];
+ unsigned char decryptMAC[SHA_DIGEST_LEN];
+ unsigned char hmacbuf[EVP_MAX_MD_SIZE];
struct crypto_struct *in_cipher, *out_cipher; /* the cipher structures/objects */
STRING *server_pubkey;
char *server_pubkey_type;
@@ -302,7 +345,7 @@ struct ssh_kbdint {
char *name;
char *instruction;
char **prompts;
- char *echo; /* bool array */
+ unsigned char *echo; /* bool array */
char **answers;
/* session.c */
@@ -320,6 +363,7 @@ void ssh_set_error(void *error,int code,char *descr,...);
/* in dh.c */
/* DH key generation */
void dh_generate_e(SSH_SESSION *session);
+void ssh_print_bignum(char *which,bignum num);
void dh_generate_x(SSH_SESSION *session);
void dh_generate_y(SSH_SESSION *session);
void dh_generate_f(SSH_SESSION *session);
@@ -343,9 +387,9 @@ STRING *make_bignum_string(bignum num);
/* in crypt.c */
u32 packet_decrypt_len(SSH_SESSION *session,char *crypted);
int packet_decrypt(SSH_SESSION *session, void *packet,unsigned int len);
-char *packet_encrypt(SSH_SESSION *session,void *packet,unsigned int len);
+unsigned char *packet_encrypt(SSH_SESSION *session,void *packet,unsigned int len);
/* it returns the hmac buffer if exists*/
-int packet_hmac_verify(SSH_SESSION *session,BUFFER *buffer,char *mac);
+int packet_hmac_verify(SSH_SESSION *session,BUFFER *buffer,unsigned char *mac);
/* in packet.c */
void packet_clear_out(SSH_SESSION *session);
@@ -434,7 +478,7 @@ int buffer_pass_bytes(BUFFER *buffer, int len);
/* in base64.c */
BUFFER *base64_to_bin(char *source);
-char *bin_to_base64(unsigned char *source, int len);
+unsigned char *bin_to_base64(unsigned char *source, int len);
/* gzip.c */
int compress_buffer(SSH_SESSION *session,BUFFER *buf);
@@ -445,7 +489,6 @@ int crypt_set_algorithms(SSH_SESSION *);
int crypt_set_algorithms_server(SSH_SESSION *session);
CRYPTO *crypto_new();
void crypto_free(CRYPTO *crypto);
-bignum bignum_new();
/* crc32.c */
u32 ssh_crc32(char *buffer, int len);