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@subpage forwarding
+@subpage threads
@subpage tbd
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@page tbd To be done
-@section threads Working with threads
*** To be written ***
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+@page threads Chapter 8: Threads with libssh
+@section threads_with_libssh How to use libssh with threads
+libssh may be used in multithreaded applications, but under several conditions :
+ - Threading must be initialized during the initialization of libssh. This
+ initialization must be done outside of any threading context.
+ - If pthreads is being used by your application (or your framework's backend),
+ you must link with libssh_threads_pthread dynamic library and initialize
+ threading with the ssh_threads_pthreads threading object.
+ - If an other threading library is being used by your application, you must
+ implement all the methods of the ssh_threads_callbacks_struct structure
+ and initialize libssh with it.
+ - At all times, you may use different sessions inside threads, make parallel
+ connections, read/write on different sessions and so on. You can use a
+ single session in several channels at the same time. This will lead to
+ internal state corruption. This limitation is being worked out and will
+ maybe disappear later.
+@subsection threads_init Initialization of threads
+To initialize threading, you must first select the threading model you want to
+use, using ssh_threads_set_callbacks(), then call ssh_init().
+#include <libssh/callbacks.h>
+ssh_threads_noop is the threading structure that does nothing. It's the
+threading callbacks being used by default when you're not using threading.
+@subsection threads_pthread Using libpthread with libssh
+If your application is using libpthread, you may simply use the libpthread
+threading backend:
+#include <libssh/callbacks.h>
+However, you must be sure to link with the library ssh_threads_pthread. If
+you're using gcc, you must use the commandline
+gcc -o output input.c -lssh -lssh_threads_pthread
+@subsection threads_other Using another threading library
+You must find your way in the ssh_threads_callbacks_struct structure. You must
+implement the following methods :
+- mutex_lock
+- mutex_unlock
+- mutex_init
+- mutex_destroy
+- thread_id
+Good luck !