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kex: server fix for first_kex_packet_follows
Ensure to honor the 'first_kex_packet_follow' field when processing KEXINIT messages in the 'ssh_packet_kexinit' callback. Until now libssh would assume that this field is always unset (zero). But some clients may set this (dropbear at or beyond version 2013.57), and it needs to be included when computing the session ID. Also include logic for handling wrongly-guessed key exchange algorithms. Save whether a client's guess is wrong in a new field in the session struct: when set, the next KEX_DHINIT message to be processed will be ignored per RFC 4253, 7.1. While here, update both 'ssh_packet_kexinit' and 'make_sessionid' to use softabs with a 4 space indent level throughout, and also convert various error-checking to store intermediate values into an explicit 'rc'. Signed-off-by: Jon Simons <jon@jonsimons.org> Reviewed-by: Andreas Schneider <asn@cryptomilk.org>
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