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doxygen: Fixed latex pdf generation.
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@@ -1015,7 +1015,7 @@ SEARCHENGINE = NO
# If the GENERATE_LATEX tag is set to YES (the default) Doxygen will
# generate Latex output.
# The LATEX_OUTPUT tag is used to specify where the LaTeX docs will be put.
# If a relative path is entered the value of OUTPUT_DIRECTORY will be
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@@ -1026,13 +1026,13 @@ LATEX_OUTPUT = latex
# The LATEX_CMD_NAME tag can be used to specify the LaTeX command name to be
# invoked. If left blank `latex' will be used as the default command name.
# The MAKEINDEX_CMD_NAME tag can be used to specify the command name to
# generate index for LaTeX. If left blank `makeindex' will be used as the
# default command name.
# If the COMPACT_LATEX tag is set to YES Doxygen generates more compact
# LaTeX documents. This may be useful for small projects and may help to