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BUG 82: Fix function names of ssh_forward_*.
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@@ -144,10 +144,10 @@ or whatever use you have for it.
@subsection libssh_reverse Doing reverse port forwarding with libssh
-To do reverse port forwarding, call ssh_channel_forward_listen(),
-then ssh_channel_forward_accept().
+To do reverse port forwarding, call ssh_forward_listen(),
+then ssh_forward_accept().
-When you call ssh_channel_forward_listen(), you can let the remote server
+When you call ssh_forward_listen(), you can let the remote server
chose the non-priviledged port it should listen to. Otherwise, you can chose
your own priviledged or non-priviledged port. Beware that you should have
administrative priviledges on the remote server to open a priviledged port
@@ -178,7 +178,7 @@ int web_server(ssh_session session)
" </body>\n"
- rc = ssh_forward_channel_listen(session, NULL, 8080, NULL);
+ rc = ssh_forward_listen(session, NULL, 8080, NULL);
if (rc != SSH_OK)
fprintf(stderr, "Error opening remote port: %s\n",
@@ -186,7 +186,7 @@ int web_server(ssh_session session)
return rc;
- channel = ssh_forward_channel_accept(session, 60000);
+ channel = ssh_forward_accept(session, 60000);
if (channel == NULL)
fprintf(stderr, "Error waiting for incoming connection: %s\n",