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tests: Fix segfault with mbedTLS built without threading support
torture_rand and torture_server_x11 call ssh_init without checking the return value. If mbedTLS is built without threading support ssh_init fails but the tests continue and then segfault since threading wasn't correctly initialised. Add a section that documents requirements for mbedTLS usage in a multi threaded environment to README.mbedtls. Signed-off-by: Juraj Vijtiuk <juraj.vijtiuk@sartura.hr> Reviewed-by: Andreas Schneider <asn@cryptomilk.org>
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+libssh mbedTLS ECDSA support
When built with mbedTLS, libssh currently does not support ECDSA key comparison.
Since the comparison function is used during the verification of publickey
authentication requests a libssh server will not be able to deal with ECDSA
@@ -5,3 +8,16 @@ keys.
In general, if the ssh_key_cmp function is used with mbedTLS, ECDSA key
comparison won't work.
+mbedTLS and libssh in multithreaded applications
+To use libssh with mbedTLS in a multithreaded application, mbedTLS has to be
+built with threading support enabled.
+If threading support is not available and multi threading is used, ssh_init
+will fail.
+More information about building mbedTLS with threading support can be found
+in the mbedTLS documentation.