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socket: fix read of non-connected socket
Ensure to check whether the socket at hand is indeed still connected throughout POLLIN processing in ssh_socket_pollcallback. Before this change, the POLLIN block in ssh_socket_pollcallback is predicated against the condition (s->state == SSH_SOCKET_CONNECTED). Once entered, data from the socket is consumed through the data callback in this loop: do { r = s->callbacks->data(buffer_get_rest(s->in_buffer), buffer_get_rest_len(s->in_buffer), s->callbacks->userdata); buffer_pass_bytes(s->in_buffer,r); } while (r > 0); However, it is possible for the socket data callback to change the state of the socket (closing it, for example). Fix the loop to only continue so long as the socket remains connected: this also entails setting the ssh_socket state to SSH_SOCKET_CLOSED upon close. The bug can be observed before the change by sending a bogus banner to the server: 'echo -e "A\r\nB\r\n" | nc localhost 22'. Each of 'A' and 'B' will be processed by 'callback_receive_banner', even though the client socket is closed after rejection of 'A'. Reviewed-by: Andreas Schneider <asn@cryptomilk.org>
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