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-@page authentication Chapter 2: A deeper insight on authentication
+@page libssh_tutor_authentication Chapter 2: A deeper insight on authentication
@section authentication_details A deeper insight on authentication
In our guided tour, we merely mentioned that the user needed to authenticate.
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-@page command Chapter 4: Passing a remote command
+@page libssh_tutor_command Chapter 4: Passing a remote command
@section remote_command Passing a remote command
Previous chapter has shown how to open a full shell session, with an attached
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-@page forwarding Chapter 7: Forwarding connections
+@page libssh_tutor_forwarding Chapter 7: Forwarding connections
@section forwarding_connections Forwarding connections
Port forwarding comes in SSH protocol in two different flavours:
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-@page guided_tour Chapter 1: A typical SSH session
+@page libssh_tutor_guided_tour Chapter 1: A typical SSH session
@section ssh_session A typical SSH session
A SSH session goes through the following steps:
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-@page tutorial The Tutorial
+@page libssh_tutorial The Tutorial
@section introduction Introduction
libssh is a C library that enables you to write a program that uses the
@@ -29,22 +29,22 @@ little changes on versions like 0.4.2 and later.
Table of contents:
-@subpage guided_tour
+@subpage libssh_tutor_guided_tour
-@subpage authentication
+@subpage libssh_tutor_authentication
-@subpage shell
+@subpage libssh_tutor_shell
-@subpage command
+@subpage libssh_tutor_command
-@subpage sftp
+@subpage libssh_tutor_sftp
-@subpage scp
+@subpage libssh_tutor_scp
-@subpage forwarding
+@subpage libssh_tutor_forwarding
-@subpage threads
+@subpage libssh_tutor_threads
-@subpage tbd
+@subpage libssh_tutor_todo
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@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ documents the libssh C API and the C++ wrapper.
@section main-tutorial Tutorial
-You should start by reading @subpage tutorial, then reading the documentation of
+You should start by reading @subpage libssh_tutorial, then reading the documentation of
the interesting functions as you go.
@section main-features Features
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-@page scp Chapter 6: The SCP subsystem
+@page libssh_tutor_scp Chapter 6: The SCP subsystem
@section scp_subsystem The SCP subsystem
The SCP subsystem has far less functionnality than the SFTP subsystem.
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-@page sftp Chapter 5: The SFTP subsystem
+@page libssh_tutor_sftp Chapter 5: The SFTP subsystem
@section sftp_subsystem The SFTP subsystem
SFTP stands for "Secure File Transfer Protocol". It enables you to safely
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-@page shell Chapter 3: Opening a remote shell
+@page libssh_tutor_shell Chapter 3: Opening a remote shell
@section opening_shell Opening a remote shell
We already mentioned that a single SSH connection can be shared
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-@page tbd To be done
+@page libssh_tutor_todo To be done
*** To be written ***
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-@page threads Chapter 8: Threads with libssh
+@page libssh_tutor_threads Chapter 8: Threads with libssh
@section threads_with_libssh How to use libssh with threads
libssh may be used in multithreaded applications, but under several conditions :